Dramatic Readings

I discovered Librivox.org in 2011 when I no longer had time to read a novel a day, but I didn’t start recording with them until this year.

Librivox is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization that creates (free) audio books of books that are in the public domain (past copyright). Their aim is to have every book under public domain in their library (for free). More than one version, if possible. Novels can often be found not only in novel form, but as dramatic readings with each character played by a different person, too (also free). If poetry’s more your thing, they also have poetry (have I mentioned the free part?).

So after four years of trying to decide if I was good enough to record, I decided to just go for it. I signed up, sent in a test recording, and by the next day, I had signed up for a role. I downloaded Audacity, flipped through the script, and recorded all four lines the next day. And then I signed up for another role. Volunteers read, edit, and coordinate book projects. If you want to volunteer but don’t want to record, there are plenty of other ways to help out.

Visit my reader profile or browse the catalog to find a good book to listen to.