Shiny New Website

Hey, guys. I’m happy to say I have a shiny new website up and running. I’ll keep this one up for a while – even though all of my posts are on the new one – but it won’t be updated. So you’ll be missing out on a lot of great news, sneak peaks, and general rambling.

Stage (Draft) One Complete!

It’s kind of amazing. I’ve been away from writing novels for a couple years. I haven’t finished a draft in four years. It’s just an amazing feeling right now. I still can’t really believe I’m on editing.

See, here’s the thing. I’ve had issues with depression since for as long as I can remember. So finishing any project that isn’t school or work is almost impossible. Hell, even school and work projects are uphill battles for me. And here I am, finishing an entire first draft in five and a half weeks. Let’s face it, editing is probably going to take another half a lifetime. But still, I got this far. It’s a huge milestone and I’m really looking forward to putting out the final product and starting on the sequel.